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Historical or real homeland? West’s “dirty” games. Armenia-Russia impasse. Alpha Newsroom 04/10/2024

April 10 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹 Peskov: Pashinyan-Putin meeting is expected in the foreseeable future

🔹 Iranian Foreign Ministry warns against turning Caucasus into arena of geopolitical competition

🔹Zakharova speaks about West’s “dirty” games in Caucasus

🔹Pashinyan wants to extend EU mission in Armenia for another two years

🔹Union of Armenians of Russia joins call of Mother See

🔹 Alexander Krylov: Armenia has every chance to turn into a battlefield

🔹 Stankevich: Thinking that you may argue with one country and get the other’s support instead is a dangerous fallacy

🔹 Real or historical homeland? Analysis of Pashinyan’s new and old theses