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Is the US Ambassador Nikol Pashinyan’s guardian angel?

June 12 2024, 13:17

Do you remember how the ambassador of the EU delegation to Armenia, Peter Switalski, attended the court sessions on the case of Andrias Ghukasyan? Do you remember how he warmly communicated with Ghukasyan’s wife right in court? Back then, in May 2018, many people in Armenia should have realized that the EU and the West have a very peculiar idea of such a concept as sovereignty.

Switalski was a kind of guardian angel, not only for Ghukasyan but also for all those active politicians and public figures who were involved in criminal cases with political motives both before 2018 and after the change of power.

Those who sincerely believed Nikol Pashinyan in 2018, who, among other things, promised not to make abrupt “gestures” in foreign policy, should have noticed that in 2024, he found himself in a situation where he needed his own guardian angel.

Such a guardian angel for Pashinyan was the US Ambassador to Armenia, Mrs. Kristina Kvien. Pay attention to two events:

1. On May 29, the day when Bagrat Galstanyan held a rally outside the Armenian Interior Ministry building, calling on Minister Vahe Ghazaryan to answer for the outrages committed the day before in Sardarapat against the Catholicos of All Armenians, the US Ambassador visited the Interior Ministry building and was present at the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the Police of the Armenian Interior Ministry.

2. On June 10, when Bagrat Galstanyan and his supporters were holding a rally at the intersection of Baghramyan and Demirchyan streets with a demand to hold a meeting of the National Assembly with an agenda for Nikol Pashinyan’s resignation, US Ambassador Kristina Kvien visited the Armenian Parliament again. In an official press release on this meeting, the US Embassy stated that ahead of the visit of Assistant Secretary of State James O’Brien for the US-Armenia Strategic Dialogue Capstone meeting to be held June 11, Ambassador Kvien met with National Assembly Speaker Alen Simonyan “to discuss strengthening bilateral cooperation in a number of areas, including between legislative branches.”

Besides, in February 2021, as the Armenian General Staff demanded Pashinyan’s resignation, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that the Armed Forces should not interfere in domestic policy and stated that the United States supports democracy in Armenia. Let’s leave aside the fact that the State Department considers Pashinyan’s regime, which aspires to strict authoritarianism, to be a “democracy”, and note that in 2021, in addition to representatives of official Ankara, it was Washington that openly supported Pashinyan.

Now, at a time of political turbulence, the US Embassy, that is, official Washington, supports the Pashinyan government with political gestures, with US Assistant Secretary of State O’Brien, in the ecstasy of political populism, going so far as to offer Armenia a strategic partnership, knowing that the United States would never follow this path.
By the way, a number of Western politicians visiting Georgia meet not only with government officials but also with the opposition and even participate in opposition marches. Does O’Brien, who is on a visit to Armenia, want to meet with the Armenian opposition and say that what is happening inside the country is a domestic matter of a sovereign state?

Think about it…