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Movement’s crucial stage. Macron’s defeat. Moscow-Yerevan confrontation. AlphaNewsroom 06/10/2024

June 10 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹The movement demanding Pashinyan’s resignation has entered a crucial stage. Bagrat Srbazan gives four days

🔹The opposition appeals to the National Assembly Council with a request to convene an extraordinary meeting on the agenda of the resignation of the government

🔹The National Assembly Council rejects the petition of the opposition. The Civil Contract Party members say they are loyal to Pashinyan

🔹Why did the French president decide to dissolve parliament and call a snap election? Political commentator Hakob Badalyan explains

🔹Will Armenia’s political tables turn after the changes in the EU countries? Political scientist Beniamin Matevosyan’s analysis

🔹 Russia sends a protest note in connection with the visit of Armenian officials to Ukraine’s Bucha

🔹Hayk Khalatyan and Dmitry Trenin will discuss Armenian-Russian relations