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Shootings at border. Uncertainty in Tavush. Losses after Brussels. AlphaNewsroom 04/02/2024

April 02 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

Shootings at border: Enemy opens fire on Armenian combat positions in Kut and Tegh

AlphaNews Exclusive from Tavush: Uncertainty after Pashinyan’s visit

After meeting in Brussels, Armenia may be left without Lars, cheap uranium, gas and grain

Vitaly Milonov: Pashinyan’s position gives the adversary hope that he can take away territories from Armenia

Konstantin Kolachyov: Aliyev is not ready for a new escalation but the pressure will continue

Hunt for spies in Baku: It is unknown which country arrested person was spying for

Possibility of new escalation as US State Department calls on Armenia and Azerbaijan to refrain from aggressive rhetoric

Armenia church put on sale in Turkey: 500 thousand dollars for church abandoned after Armenian Genocide

8 years have passed since the April war: reminder what Armenian army and state should actually do