Russia is committed to ensuring that Armenia and Azerbaijan sign a peace treaty, political scientist says

November 21 2023, 11:50


Russian political scientist Pyotr Kolchin commented to Alpha News on the likelihood of signing a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

According to the expert, Armenia and Azerbaijan are on their way to signing a peace treaty.

“I believe that the two countries are on the way to signing a peace treaty, and some kind of military rhetoric and possible escalation are not at all in the interests of the Azerbaijani side. There is a process of demilitarization of Karabakh, which is beneficial to most states in Transcaucasia and even the Middle East. On the other hand, the United States and Europe may try to somehow put diplomatic pressure on the Armenian government to escalate the conflict in order to somehow drag Russia, Iran, and US-defiant Turkiye into it. Russia, in this context, acts as a mediator and peacemaker, striving to stop the escalation, sign a peace treaty and, of course, ensure security for civilians. This is a priority for Russia, and the actions of Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh confirmed this,” Kolchin noted.

“As for agreeing on the points of the peace treaty, perhaps both sides have not yet come to some kind of understanding about the agreement. Azerbaijan may still be developing a plan for a peace treaty, but I suspect that the agreement itself may be very difficult. And, of course, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia, as the main mediator, have a lot of work to do in this area,” he added.