Baku sees no obstacles to signing a peace treaty, says Azerbaijani presidential aide

November 21 2023, 12:50


In the context of the new realities in the region, Baku does not see any obstacles to the signing of a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Hikmet Hajiyev, Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, told reporters.

“We are waiting for clear ideas from Armenia. Armenia is still looking beyond the region when it comes to a peace treaty. We say that instead of attracting third parties here, it is necessary to promote negotiations on a peace agreement. The ball is in the Armenia’s goal,” Hajiyev said.

It is not entirely clear whether Hajiyev meant that “the ball is in Armenia’s court,” but the expression “the ball is in the goal” contains a slightly different meaning.

At the same time, he blamed Armenia for the closure of the border with Azerbaijan and Turkiye.

“The position of fraternal Turkiye has always been that normalization of relations with Armenia is possible if Armenia stops the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, renounces territorial claims to both Turkiye and Azerbaijan and, finally, comes up with a positive agenda in the region.

Azerbaijan and Turkiye have always supported the normalization of relations and have constantly sent positive messages to Armenia. Of course, having assessed the potential of the region, Armenia should adhere to the approach of solving problems within the region,” Hajiyev concluded.