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What are Western ambassadors really doing in Armenia?

July 04 2024, 12:40

In fact, this question is more than logical, judging by recent statements. Why?

1. “My goal when I was there and the goals of all the US ambassadors were to have Armenia lean West,” said the former US Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern said during the discussion ‘Are Armenia and Azerbaijan on the verge of peace?’ held at the Atlantic Council of the United States. According to him, they were not even thinking that Armenia could turn away from Russia, leave the CSTO, and try to focus on Washington and Brussels.

2. Already on June 30, Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, during a conversation with residents of the Syunik region, said that one of the EU ambassadors said that unlawful actions (by the police – ed.) were terrible, but what is more terrible is the coming of pro-Russian forces to power.

These statements clearly demonstrate what Western ambassadors in Armenia are actually doing. Their goal has nothing to do with the protection of their citizens in our country or with the development of cultural and economic ties. There is only one goal: to make Armenia the next link in a large anti-Russian coalition, to make Armenia a tool in the fight of globalists against Iran and Russia.

Now do you understand why Western institutions and Western embassies are silent when the police, “reformed” on their funds, beat up Armenian citizens? The statements that “if the authorities in the center of Yerevan start practicing cannibalism, Americans and Europeans will remain silent” seemed shocking to many.

Do you understand who is behind the pro-government propaganda that “Russia is actually Armenia’s enemy”? This thesis fits very harmoniously into the canvas of total anti-Russian hysteria in the West. The Armenian authorities convey to us what is believed in the West.

But what about Armenia’s sovereignty? Is the severance of relations with Russia based on the interests of the official Yerevan? Our Western colleagues are not probably asking this question. Moreover, they are probably not even fully immersed in the level of interdependence between Armenia and Russia. Do you know why the sanctions of the United States and the West do not work against Russia? Because those who accept these sanctions know practically nothing about Russia’s real economy. The same is true in the case of Armenia. People like Heffern do not know the level of interdependence between Armenia and Russia, and therefore, seeking to “have Armenia lean West,” they do not understand the consequences for our country.

It is important, however, that Heffern, his current successor as US ambassador, the current EU ambassador, and the current ambassadors of the EU member states understand that when the political cycle changes in Armenia, many will have to explain why they turned a blind eye to what is happening in Armenia, to what happened to Artsakh. The conversation will be difficult and unpleasant, but it must definitely take place.

Think about it…