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What exactly does Nikol Pashinyan intend to “push through” under the guise of a referendum on joining the EU?

June 25 2024, 14:45


Nikol Pashinyan continues to create an artificial reality around himself, making all of us a part of it. Speaking at a political meeting of the ruling Civil Contract Party, Pashinyan stated that the people allegedly tell them (the ruling party): “We don’t want to fight anymore, survive, suffer, sacrifice ourselves. We just want to live.” According to him, this is the message of the people to the elites as the ruling majority.
Pashinyan’s statement is another piece of the puzzle of the policy pursued by the authorities, the policy in which an important point should be a referendum on changing the Constitution, as Azerbaijan demands this quite frankly and harshly.

Azerbaijan is already openly saying, both at the level of the Foreign Ministry and the president, that the “peace agreement” will not be signed without changes to the Armenian Constitution. Aliyev and Erdogan are irritated by the preamble to the Constitution, which contains a reference to the Declaration of Independence, which in turn contains paragraphs concerning the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic as well as the Armenian Genocide.

Judging by the rhetoric of the authorities, after the referendum, the Constitution may enshrine that Armenia is a “non-aligned state”, which means that the country will quit the CSTO, which in turn means that the security system of Armenia will be completely destroyed—the “security dome” ensuring the territorial integrity of the country will be destroyed. Moreover, the constitutional referendum may be combined with a referendum on the surrender of territories to Azerbaijan as part of the so-called “delimitation”.

No matter how the authorities rant about the alleged failure of Bagrat Srbazan’s movement, or that they continue to be legitimate authorities, they know better than anyone that there is practically nothing left of legitimacy. It is for this purpose that people “should be brought” to the polling stations. Nikol Pashinyan, guided by some “invisible hand”, decided to cheat and combine referendums aimed at fulfilling the demands of Erdogan and Aliyev, along with a meaningless referendum on joining the EU.

At the same time, let’s clearly state that such a referendum held in Armenia or Moldova has no legal significance for official Brussels. In terms of procedure, this referendum will not bring Armenia, Moldova, or any other country any closer to the EU. The Armenian authorities might as well hold a referendum on their intention to become a new state within the United States, and this would not change anything at all.

The mass that held hearings in the National Assembly of Armenia on June 21 on the topic of holding a referendum on joining the EU understood this perfectly well. They are leading Armenia to destruction but forcing its citizens to do so through false slogans about “European integration”. They want to convince the Armenian residents that the EU is waiting for us and that a referendum is the only thing that holds us back… They should tell the residents of Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, and other countries, who have been waiting for the “go-ahead to join” from Brussels for more than 10 years, about the “path to the EU through a simple referendum”.

In general, what happened in the National Assembly on June 21 is the worst anti-advertising of the European Union and Europe as a whole.
It is clear that those sitting in Europe are not idiots; there are no idiots in the EU representation in Armenia either. In this context, the question arises: did the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Vassilis Maragos, not see all that political striptease that took place on June 21? After all, Maragos knows better than anyone that this hearing generates high expectations among the Armenian people, and this despite the fact that no one is going to accept Armenia into the EU.

Or maybe the EU understands perfectly well that the actions taken by the Armenian authorities will lead to the fact that Armenia will repeat the fate of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, and in this case Brussels has no goal to carry out strategic planning of its communication with the Armenian society… Apparently, Maragos and other officials from Brussels have already written off Armenians from this region; otherwise, it is difficult to explain the development of this agenda in Armenia…

Think about it…