US wants to build something in Armenia that is prohibited in the territory of its country – Armen Manvelyan

July 04 2024, 10:07


Speaking with Alpha News, foreign affairs specialist and expert in energy geopolitics Armen Manvelyan commented on the various statements made by the Armenian authorities, noting that they are mere words.

“I do not think that the current government of Armenia will come to an objective agreement with any other country on any issue. The last six years have shown that all their agreements are either incomplete, not implemented, or rather made for publicity. They make loud announcements about cooperation with this or that system or country, about creating this or that structure, or about building a reactor. However, all this does not go further than statements,” he said.

Manvelyan noted that the West never finances nuclear power plants, while the Russian side always takes that step.

“Today, the world’s cheapest nuclear power plant is being built by Rosatom, the price of one reactor is 5–6 billion dollars, while Western technology prices start at 12 billion dollars or more. Building a reactor is expensive, a nuclear power plant consists of 4–6 reactors. Russians are building nuclear power plants in a number of countries, which they finance entirely themselves. I do not know a single case when the Americans built a nuclear power plant with their own financing. If we compare, Russia has more experience, and Rosatom is currently the largest shareholder of nuclear power plants in the world market,” the expert noted.

Manvelyan said that the US wants to build something in Armenia that is prohibited in the territory of its country.

“Americans have promised that they will build a modular reactor in Armenia. Those modular reactors were not allowed to be built on the territory of the US. In the US, there is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. With its permission, it is possible to build nuclear plants, factories, and reactors on the territory of the United States.

This Commission has not allowed the construction of that modular station in the territory of the US. Therefore, the construction of such a station in Armenia is dangerous, because if this Commission does not allow it, it means that it contains security-related problems,” Armen Manvelyan concluded.