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Ukrainians are running out, is it time to fight to the last Armenian?

March 01 2024, 12:44

We often come across a situation where the Armenian public is more sensitive to the statements that come from abroad than to those of the local expert community.

A number of experts have repeatedly said that the EU has no plans to provide significant military assistance to Armenia, that the EU plans only to expel Russia from the region, and that it is obvious that the European Union is ready to “pay a high price for this”. The point is that if Armenia collapses as a result of Russia’s withdrawal from the region, Brussels is ready to “endure this tragedy with fortitude”.

Now we have crossed the line, beyond which the EU does not hide that it compares us with Ukraine and accordingly assumes that the same fate awaits Armenia.

In an interview with Alpha News, French MEP François Alfonsi, when asked if France will send its troops to defend Armenia, said that, as in the case of Ukraine, the only army that will fight is the Armenian army.

We should actually thank the MEP for his frankness, since it is a conversation that the Armenian public needs today.

In general, the situation in Armenia continues to be very tense. We see statements similar to what Alfonsi made; we see how the European Parliament adopts resolutions on Armenia and Azerbaijan, where the key point is not the introduction of sanctions against Azerbaijan (which is called an extreme measure), but the deployment of European observers already on the border with Turkey. This, in turn, means the continuation of the expulsion of Russian border guards from Armenia, a point that fully resonates with the interests of Turkey and Azerbaijan, since the presence of Russian border guards prevents them from occupying the entire territory of Armenia.

Amid these developments, Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Alen Simonyan said that he did not rule out that the 2020 war began with the consent of Russia and Azerbaijan. He also wondered whether Russia would attack Armenia itself.

We have already said that it is the Armenian authorities who provoke official Moscow to publicly renounce all its obligations towards Armenia, which will open the “gates of hell”, that is, the chance for a large regional war, which, according to its beneficiaries, should distract Russia from the war in Ukraine.

We are walking on very thin ice, and given that Pashinyan announced “important events in April this year”, a catastrophe may be waiting for us very soon…

Think about it.